Delivery Report & Registration Form

Prior to acceptance of the equipment, thoroughly check and mark off the items outlined in the delivery checklist below with your sales representative. Make sure you fully understand the operation, adjustment and safety rules as outlines in the operator's manual. The sales representative is responsible for going over this form with the owner and operator of this attachment. This form also serves as your warranty registration.

Customer Information

Attachment Information

Dealer Information

  • Check to make sure attachment is completely lubricated.
  • Buyer is shown all grease fittings and proper gear oil height.
  • All bolts checked for tightness.
  • All hitch pins and retainer bolts in place.
  • All knives and linkages in place.
  • All shields in place.
  • Belts checked for proper adjustment.
  • PTO shafts checked for proper length.
  • Procedures for attaching mower/shredder to tractor demonstrated to end user.
  • Starting procedures explained to end user.
  • Operation guidelines and outlined in owner's manual explained to end user.
  • Adjustment of cutting height, belts and mower height explained to end user.
  • Replacement of mower/shredder knives explained to owner.
  • Lubrication points shown to end user.
  • ALL safety precautions thoroughly read and understood.

Submitting this form indicates that both the sales representative and the end user have gone over the above checklist and all topics have been covered thoroughly.