Switching Excavators and Implements. Don’t Swap Excavators Until You Read This!

It’s important to keep in mind that not all mowers are meant for all excavators.  If you already own a mower or shredder for a specific excavator, there are two main factors to consider if you’re thinking about putting that mower on something else. 

  1. The Mount – Pretty obvious. If the excavator hooks up differently, you’ll need a new one.
  2. Hydraulic Motor – Not as obvious. See below for explanation.

With a new excavator also comes the possibility of different auxiliary hydraulic flow rates.  When that fluid rate changes, so does the speed at which the hydraulic motor spins.  On mowers and shredders, this can result in either an increase or decrease in speed.  If that change is too drastic, it might result in your mower spinning either too fast or too slow. 

Bottom line:  If you’re going to be putting an existing mower on a new excavator, give us a call, shoot us an e-mail, or hit us up on social media to make sure that the unit is equipped properly.  We’re here to help!