BL Series Berm Blower


Vrisimo’s Berm blower is the perfect tool to keep your orchard neat and clean. The adjustable air outlet nozzles direct air flow to blow debris into the center of the adjacent rows reducing blowing back on to cleaned berms. The rear mounted blower attaches our Low Profile Orchard Flail Mower and Sanitizer Mulcher to do two jobs with one pass.

Safety: Fully Guarded To Protect Workers From Preventable Injuries.
Toughness: Durable And Rugged Design. Heavy Gauge Steel Construction.
Precision: Adjustable Nozzle Angle and Height. Hydraulic Actuation For Airflow Direction
Service: Removable Control Housing
Low Profile: Compact And Portable Design For Easy Maneuverability In Crowded Orchards
Compatibility: Works with Most Orchard LP And Sanitizer Mowers
With the BL24 Berm Blower from Vrisimo, you can improve your nut orchard’s health and productivity. Berms are a natural habitat for pests, which can lead to dangerous diseases if left untreated. By blowing berms, you can reduce the spread of pests and diseases that can harm your orchard. By improving the sustainability of your berm, you can help to increase yields and create high-quality nuts for years to come.
Blower Diameter 24”
Compatible Mower Width 120” - 144” Standard
Weight 300 lbs.
Hose Diameter 8”
Height Adjustment 0 - 10"
Air Speed 120 MPH
Control Left / Right / Both
Actuation Hydraulic

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