500-Series Brush Flail Shredder


The Vrisimo 500 Series Brush Shredder is a great attachment for big jobs on the ranch or in the orchard. Severe duty design gives it the same toughness and durability of all Vrisimo products. It uses our Triple Knife configuration: 2.25-pound side slicer knives plus a 2-pound straight knife. Available in 6 to 8-foot cutting widths. Cutting capacity .5-3”.

Toughness: Severe duty design, high HP components.
True Shaft Technology: An electronically balanced cutter drum with serviceable hubs to ensure straight shafts that run smooth for years of reliable, vibration-free operation.
Wear Liners Standard: Made of abrasion-resistant material.
Triple Flail Knives: Reversible triple knife 2.25-pound side slicer knives plus a 2-pound straight knife provide 7 pounds of knives in each station adding power and extra cutting surface.
Adjustable Cutting Heights: Adjustable rear roller and pick-up tines.
Durability: Heavy duty wheel kit optional.
Hitch: Category 2 adjustable hitch standard, avoid trees and posts.
This heavy duty brush shredder is built to last. The Vrisimo 500 Series Brush Shredder comes standard with internal wear liners, a re-cutter bar, and adjustable rear pickup tines to keep the brush mulching resulting in a smaller mulch.
s-500-6 s-500-7 s-500-8
Cutting Width 6′ 7′ 8′
Overall Width 7′ 8′ 9′
Weight 2225 lbs. 2414 lbs. 2625 lbs.
Number of Knives 40 Slicer | 20 Center 48 56
Height Adjustment 0-6″ 0-6″ 0-6″
Input PTO Speed 540 540 540
PTO Rating 90 HP 90 HP 90 HP
Gearbox Rating 120 HP 120 HP 120 HP
HP Requirement 60 70 80
Cutter Drum Speed 2150 rpm 2150 rpm 2150 rpm

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