Super Series Flail Mower


The Vrisimo Super Series Flail Mower provides the same versatility, toughness and efficiency of the MiniMax and Mighty Max mowers with added cutting width and power. It’s a great option to keep orchard floors in top shape before and after harvest. The Super Series’ universal hitch provides the flexibility of using a center or offset mount. Cutting capacity .5-1.0”.

3-Point Hitch: Category 1 A-frame assures power and control.
Dual Hitch: Center-mount and 9-inch offset.
3 Knife Choices: Scoop, industrial and dethatching knives available.
True Shaft Technology: An electronically balanced cutter drum with serviceable hubs to ensure straight shafts that run smooth for years of reliable, vibration-free operation.
Adjustable Cutting Heights: Adjustable rear roller.
The Super Series Flail Mower comes standard with fine cut scoop knives that create a vacuum effect, lifting debris and vegetation for improved mulching. It offers cutting widths from 60 to 120 inches. The Super Series has a Category 1, 3-point hitch. The drive system consists of a 90 HP gearbox and banded 3 groove drive belts.
sc174 sc188 sc1100 sc1120
Cutting Width 74″ 88″ 100″ 120″
Overall Width 84″ 98″ 110″ 130″
Weight 980 lbs. 1095 lbs. 1230 lbs. 1445 lbs.
Number of Scoop Knives 36 39 45 54
Number of Dethatching Knives 36 39 45 54
Number of Industrial Knives 72 78 90 108
Height Adjustment 0-6″ 0-6″ 0-6″ 0-6″
Input PTO Speed 540 540 540 540
Gearbox Rating 90 HP 90 HP 90 HP 90 HP
HP Requirement 30-50 30-50 40-60 40-60
Cutter Drum Speed 1850 rpm 1850 rpm 1850 rpm 1650 rpm

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