Top 3 Vrisimo Operator Safety Concerns

Safety is of primary concern here at Valley Tool and Manufacturing. Our team of engineers design safety protections into each of our products, but even with safety engineering integrated into each piece of equipment, operator safety is the most important factor in safe operation. Operators must read and understand the safety and operator manual included with each product. It is the operator’s responsibility to Be Alert, Be Aware, and Be Careful.

Following are three of the top safety operator concerns:

  1. Operator self-protection – This means proper clothing, head protection, safety glasses, proper shoes, hearing protection, and a dust mask.
  2. PTO – Use proper tractor shut down practices, making sure equipment motion has stopped before inspecting, connecting, disconnecting, or performing any maintenance to the PTO drive. Make sure the u-joints and spline operate freely, and that the external safety shield floats freely on the shaft. When servicing the PTO be aware and use caution around potential pinch points.
  3. Vibration – This indicates an out-of-balance condition. Vibration is the leading cause of equipment failure. Bearings, belts, shafts, and cutter drums are all effected by out of balance vibration. The operator must be alert and aware of equipment vibration. Operators must attend to the underlying cause of vibration.

Dealers, it is absolutely imperative when delivering a piece of equipment that you go over the operation and safety procedures of that equipment. Use the included manual and go point-by-point. Your product liability carrier will thank you and your customers will operate the equipment in a safer and more productive manner.