Defender Series Forestry Mulchers

Property protection starts with access. It’s much easier to manage and care for your property with your excavator or skid steer if you can see it and drive around it. These forestry mulchers were designed to easily cut through an environment of dense heavy brush and trees.

The ‘Defender’ line of Forestry Mulchers by BrushHound Attachments are efficient, compact mulchers that are designed to work with your smaller excavators and skid steers. This is truly an attachment solution to continue to add value to your fleet.

Operating on hydraulic flows as low as 15-17 gallons per minute and 3000 psi; this means your power units do not require any modifications. Hours and hours of testing the four sided Quadco knife on large, hard, and soft woods, has proved that shredding up to 10″ material is not a problem.